Friday, October 18, 2013

Quickly - outfits!

A few from lately

Trying out a new skirt length - needs a heel I think

Nineties revival - this is definitely a Laura Ashley dress

I felt a little bit like an art teacher here

Checking all the fall boxes - school girl skirt in gray, cozy turtleneck, boots with lots of buckles, jacket with "leather" detailing

Busy times, good times!

This semester continues to get nuttier and nuttier!  Churning out lesson plans nonstop, researching teaching strategies, video critique, observations, paperwork that doesn't end...Thanksgiving will be a welcome break!  I never stop being amazed at how quickly time passes.  One minute you are thinking that the next few months seems impossibly busy and then ~snap~ it's nearly over!

I started out this internship phase with the firm belief that it was a waste of time.  Get me to student teaching already!  But I have been reformed.  I now thank my lucky stars that I got a chance to ease my way in because, honestly, this teaching thing is tough!  But it is also more rewarding than I ever dreamed.  When a student gives me the exact answer I am looking for, proving his/her comprehension of the lesson I am teaching, a choir of angels starts singing in my head and I feel so totally and completely happy and "in my element."  Every step of this process is more challenging than anything I've done in my life so far and I love it.  I finally think I know what people mean when they say that nothing worthwhile ever comes easy - all the challenges just make the accomplishments even more exciting.

Even though both myself and my husband have been working like dogs lately, we still find time to have fun!

Fajitas and margaritas on a Friday night!

My sweet pup

Drinks and checking out wedding photos with my brother-in-law and his new wife

A peaceful Sunday morning preparing for the week ahead

This weekend marks our 6 month wedding anniversary - holy moly!!  We have a lot of fun plans, starting with a relaxing halloween-y night in this evening.  Working on our costumes, watching scary tv, eating veggie chili, and drinking spiked apple cider!  Early bedtime though because we are running a little 5k in the morning that is also halloween themed and starts in a cemetery!  Let the holiday seasons begin!!