Thursday, December 26, 2013

Not over!

Christmas day was perfect, but only a segment of this great month (which isn't over yet)!  I believe I have failed to mention here that my husband and I treated ourselves to bicycles in November so we've had fun playing with them and biking all over the city.  Last weekend we rode to one of our favorite neighborhoods and had a wonderful lunch, complete with rosé

I also celebrated my 29th birthday with a trip to Asheville, NC and a few gatherings with friends.  And even though my husband was out of town on the actual day (in Ireland, the lucky duck!) he still remembered to send me flowers which have brightened up a corner of my work desk ever since.

Despite the craziness of constant activities, I've tried to keep up with recipe experimentation, including this "falafel pie" which, although not the most beautiful visually, was really good and very easy to make (recipe here).

Christmas eve started out a bit bland with work, where I wore an outfit that, in hindsight, appears to be elf colors!

Afterwards we went to my parents house in the burbs where we straight up chillaxed.  After opening presents with them in the morning, we came home and opened our presents to each other which included some AWESOME stuff!

Shoes for biking (the burgundy pair) from Urban Outfitters

A bag for biking from Madewell

As well as a bike basket, new seat, and backpack for long trips.  Obviously this Christmas was dedicated to our new hobby!  Luckily we have many bike rides coming up in the next week so we can test everything out before student teaching starts for me and busy season starts for him.  Then we may have to wait a few months for free time!  

Till New Years, it is still Christmas in my book, so many more celebrations to come!!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

A breathe

Haaaaappy holidays!!!  Man, this is really just the best time of the year, hands down!!  Fall semester ended a few weeks ago with a bang and student teaching is fast approaching!

Thinking about student teaching has got me thinking about what I will wear to school five days a week.  Luckily the school that I will be at is pretty artistically oriented so it won't have to be as straight laced as other places.  Currently I don't have ANY kind of dress code though, so I've been brainstorming conservative outfits that still make me feel like "me."  Putting them up here is actually a great way to build up a little reference library!  Two recents:

There will be more to come!  I've also got a few work wardrobe staples on their way from J Crew so hopefully I will be set!

Today until the beginning of January is packed full of fun activities so I am trying to savor every moment!  I never want Christmas to ennnnd!