Thursday, December 19, 2013

A breathe

Haaaaappy holidays!!!  Man, this is really just the best time of the year, hands down!!  Fall semester ended a few weeks ago with a bang and student teaching is fast approaching!

Thinking about student teaching has got me thinking about what I will wear to school five days a week.  Luckily the school that I will be at is pretty artistically oriented so it won't have to be as straight laced as other places.  Currently I don't have ANY kind of dress code though, so I've been brainstorming conservative outfits that still make me feel like "me."  Putting them up here is actually a great way to build up a little reference library!  Two recents:

There will be more to come!  I've also got a few work wardrobe staples on their way from J Crew so hopefully I will be set!

Today until the beginning of January is packed full of fun activities so I am trying to savor every moment!  I never want Christmas to ennnnd!

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