Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fall and Finding Balance (and a leather-like skirt)

So I keep hearing/reading that FALL IS HERE!!! even though we are expecting a high in Atlanta of like 90 degrees today.  REGARDLESS, since this summer has been rainy and mostly overcast and kind of disappointing, on to fall!  This is the season where I usually do my most shopping.  The reason for this being that the clothing and accessories that come out right about now tend to be the most practical for me all year round.  Sweaters and tights and colarred shirts 4 lyfe!  But seriously, I get so much more life out of these things.

Today, I am wearing an outfit that consists of items all purchased within the past week or so.  Yep, I'm definitely one of those people who gets new things and needs to wear them allatoncerightthissecond.

Here we have got a top from the jcrew outlet (more than I am usually willing to spend btw, but I am considering it a teacher attire investment piece), polka dot tights also from jcrew (hard to see), and, most importantly, a fake leather skirt from Target.  This skirt is important because I haven't completely made up my mind about it.  I like that it is a good fit and length for the classroom while also being interesting, but wonder if it is slightly unflattering due to the poofy shape.  More pros are that it is machine washable, inexpensive, and I have wanted a leather skirt for a while.  In all honesty, I'm probably keeping this - should be interesting to play around with outfit ideas.

I'm teaching my second official lesson for Practicum in about 2 weeks and I've been reading all the tips and tricks I can find in preparation.  My first one was somewhat impromtu and I choked a bit.  This time I want to be confident and relaxed.  I am finally at the point in my program where it is time to start assembling my own unique teaching style.  Through researching different methods and getting to know myself a bit more, I'm hopefully getting closer to that goal.  The proof will be in the pudding I suppose!

We had a bunch of people over on Sunday for pool time/football and did some grilling (veggie dogs for us!).  Using the leftovers, I made an excellent salad last night that was super easy and filling.  I just had the leftovers for lunch and they were fantastic.

Directions:  Prepare couscous using the tabbouleh preparation (subbing some of the water with lemon juice and olive oil).  Dump it in a big bowl with a bag of spinach, chopped tomato, chopped cucumber, chopped olives, some olive oil/balsamic dressing, and generous sprinkles of oregano, parsley, and crumbled feta (I used a ton of feta).  I made some very basic lentils on the side for a little more bulk, but you could also just add in a can of chickpeas.

Ta da!  Iced coffee on the side, of course!

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