Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hair Cut Time

Well, that title is pretty self explanatory!  I chopped my hair off this past weekend and it felt GREAT!

It was far beyond the "too scraggly to look decent" stage and not getting better no matter how many deep conditioners, flat iron protecting sprays, or moroccan oil products I employed.  One morning after watching a shower of broken hairs land in the sink while brushing, I grabbed a pair of scissors and went to town on my frazzled ends.  Needless to say, I was in serious need of some professional help at that point and saw my hairdresser just a day or two later for a tiny bit of lightening on the ends and a few inches of length removed.  It was my biggest haircut in many years and I'm so happy I went through with it!  I feel freee!  

I haven't styled it myself yet, but am hoping I can get it to look somewhat like this, minus the bangs of course:

I love using the changing of the seasons as an excuse to make changes in my own life!  So invigorating!


  1. Hi Amy! I'm so glad you found my blog - I love connecting with other history teachers! This is my first year officially teaching and I am more and more excited with each morning as I teach my students. I'm following your blog now, and I can't wait to read along with your teaching adventures. If you need any advice or just want to chat, I'd love for you to reach out! Hope you have a wonderful week! xo, Sara

  2. Sara! Thank you so much! I also love reading about the experiences of other history teachers - I find it very inspiring! Love reading your blog and hope to chat with you more in the future!! Have a great day and rest of the week!