Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday, Friday

Maybe I will title every post I write on Friday the exact same thing because my brain is normally too frazzled by this point to think of anything better!  The wedding last weekend was phenomenal.  Evidence:

This is the reception space before it was over run with nearly 200 people dancing the night away.  You can't do much better than to have a real dinosaur skeleton presiding over your wedding reception!

Monday I taught a teacher-observed lesson and it went well!  The class was 11th grade world history and the topic was medieval Christianity.  I took a pretty safe route with a simple "do now," Prezi lecture with guided notes, and partner discussion activity.  Every time I get a chance to teach, it is always bitter sweet.  I love getting the practice and interacting with the kids.  LOVE IT!  The downside - it makes me want to have my own classroom already, dang it!  I'm already brainstorming ideas for something more interactive/fun for next time since I plan to do a lot of active, hands-on stuff when I am REALLY teaching.  

Last night my lovely husband suggested Ethiopian for dinner and it was so much fun...until we overstuffed ourselves and pretty much passed out in a food coma!

Today is a long work day, but the light at the end of the tunnel is date night!  I'm going straight from work to the High Museum and then to dinner next door!  When I left the house this morning, I didn't know I would be wearing this outfit alllll daaaaay loooong but I think it will successfully carry me from day to night.  Especially because the dress is covered in birds!

Happy Weekend!!

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